Radon Testing

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Short Term:

We can perform a short-term test in order to establish if any Radon is present. This test is ideal for new home buyers who need to know quickly if a problem exists.

Long Term:

Our long-term testing provides a more comprehensive account of Radon present in all areas of your home or building.

Continuous Monitors:

Continuous monitors allow the property owner up-to-date progress if a problem is minor and of no risk, but with the potential to escalate to higher levels.


For anyone who encounters unusual, persistent symptoms, or for new home buyers wanting to know the toxic potential of a house, Radon testing is extremely beneficial.

Real Estate Transactions:

Even though Radon testing for real estate transactions is not yet mandatory in Canada, it is currently mandatory in the United States. We believe that it is better to know before you purchase a new home, and we'll provide you that extra level of security before you invest your money.

Radon Testing is Confidential:

We provide exceptional service, and that means that all laws are respected, and your information is kept in strictest confidence.

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